Shipping Cost is not included in the prices listed on our website.. The shipping cost is based on the weight, dimension and destination zip code.

Please call us Vadai Barrels at (626) 289 - 8250 with your order and destination zip code and we will calculate your best shipping cost.

Please keep your barrel wrapped in the saran wrap and in a cool place until you are ready to prep it to avoid drying out the wood.
Please follow our Barrel Prep Instructions on our website step by step exactly as it is written to seal your barrel properly. You must use the hot boiling water as our instructions specify. If your barrel has even the smallest leak you must contact us at (626) 289 - 8250 so we can give you the proper solution to seal your barrel.

Do not put any wine in your barrel until it is completely sealed with absolutely no water coming out of the barrel.

We will not warranty your barrel if you put wine in your leaky barrel.

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Wine Business Monthly Article

Zemplen Forest Hungarian Barrels
Description: The Vadai World Trade Enterprise manufactures ½ to 2,000 liter sizes of Zemplen forest Hungarian oak barrels made from the Quercus Petrea and Quercus Sessiles species of oak. These are the same tight white grained species as the Nevers and Allier species of oak in France. One-half liter to 50 liter sizes are available in plain or hand-carved heads, including a stand, tap and bung. A handcarved crest or logo is also available. Barrels up to five liters are always beeswax lined to prevent wine, brandy or vinegar from changing its original flavor. Larger barrels 10 to 50 liter sizes can be beeswax lined or toasted as requested. The barrels come in round or oval shapes as well as in Hungarian, Bordeaux or Burgundy styles. Toastings are available according to your preference.

Difference:What differentiates Vadai wine and brandy barrels from many other competitors is the Zemplen forest where the logs are harvested from. The forest has a unique mineral content that is imparted to the wine or brandy, creating an elegant taste. Winemakers in California, Oregon, Washington,Idaho, Arizona, and Canada are currently using Vadai barrels. Additionally, winemakers are offered more flexibility in choosing their barrels due to the wide range of various sizes and styles that the company produces.


Vadai Barrels are made from the best quality oak of the world grown on the steep rocky hillside of the Famous Zemplen Forest of Hungary. The Zemplen Forest has the same oak species as the Quercus Petrea /Sessile tight grained white oak of Nevers and Allier of France.

Because of the unique mineral content of this soil, the barrels from this oak create an ultra premium wine taste. The staves are air dried for three years. The barrels are toasted according to your personal preference. You save money buying our barrels and you will make quality wines.


The Barrel made out of the Hungarian Zemplen Forest Oak won the Highest Recognition on Jan 10, 2008 in Italy. The same wine had been in the barrels 14 months long. This article was published in the World's Best Wine Magazine DECANTER. A blind barrel wine tasting was done where 16 Cooperages, 32 barrels were entered in the contest.

The Cooperages were 5 American, 10 very Famous French and 1 Hungarian. The First Prize was given to the Hungarian Barrel made from the Zemplen Forest Quercus Petrea/Sessiles species of Oak.

We are making our barrels out of the same forest oak which gives the best taste of wine and sold at Factory Price.