The Vadai World Trade Enterprise manufactures 1/2 to 1000 liter barrels from oak logs harvested from the famous Zemplen Forest of Hungary. These are the same species of white tight grained oak Quercus Petrea and Quercus Sessiles as the Nevers and Allier forest oak of France. The Zemplen Forest in Hungary has a rich mineral content in the soil that produces excellent quality logs for barrels resulting in the premium taste of wine. These are some of the most important factors that winemakers most consider when making a premium wine.

The Winemakers who are using our Vadai barrels in various countries U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, and many states in the U.S.A., California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Texas, New York, and other states indicate our barrels produce an excellent taste of wine and have received many medals and recognitions for their wines.

The Winemakers state that our barrels preserved the original fruity taste of their wine. They state that they have no fruit loss in our Vadai barrels. They say our Vadai barrels give a pleasant taste to their wine without over powering the taste of their wine.

This could be the effect of the very unique mineral content of the soil of the Zemplen Forest where the oak grows. Probably the same reason why the famous Tokay wine of Hungary has a rich taste and cannot be explained.

The above analysis promted us to make our own wine resulting in the same quality.

The following wines we made in our new barrels were aged for 15 months indicated on the back of each wine bottle.


We also have added 2006 CABERNET SAUVIGNON that we made in our new barrels aged for 20 months.